Just a little Run

The chest cold is slowly getting better and I did a short trial run this morning. 5k in sunshine and plus degree weather was a lovely way to start off this busy week! Less than three weeks till Graz Half Marathon!

I ran some errands and picked up some magazines to have on the train on Wednesday. I am not a big fan of driving, and driving through Germany sucks. So instead I just drive to Vienna, meet a friend for a late lunch/coffee and at 7pm I somehow (hopefully) manage to load the car on to the train, and then off we go to Hamburg. At 8am we arrive in Hamburg, and then I drive the short distance to Puttgarten where I take the ferry across to Denmark. Driving through Denmark, and making a stop i Körsör to see a beloved friend I have not seen in way to long, and then taking the next ferry from Helsingör Denmark to Helsingborg Sweden. Then 1 more hour of driving to a possible cake break with lovely A in Halmstad before heading the last 2.5 hours up to Vänersborg.

And after my little mixed sauna experience, I decided to just take a sit place on the train. A private room on the train was too expensive and sharing with 5 other people is not my ultimate dream, hence sitting place. I am hoping not too many people picked that and I can still sleep.


2 Responses

  1. Lycka till! Och hälsa mitt Helsingborg från mig…

  2. Jäääääj!!! Ser fram emot el mucho ❤

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