Jause (Snack)

We have a great Kindergarten here. The kids love it, and we are very pleased with it and the people there.
It is a semi private place with focus on nutrition and health, and each day the kids have gymnastics in the gymnastic room, which is nice and big with lots of fun things to do. Lunch is included in the ‘regular’ state regulated price, but we pay a little extra at this Kindergarten so the kids get healthier, organic food, all organically grown by local farmers.

There is only one thing I do not like. Making Jause (snack). I hate it with a passion similar to taking the trash out and unloading the dish washer (my most hateful chores). In the beginning of our Jause-experience we were supposed to bring Jasue three days a week, MOn-Fri. On Thursdays we would take turns and the parents of one child got a list from KiGa and bought Jause for all kids. My suggestion was to do that at lease one more day a week. That went through, so I am stuck with only Mondays and Tuesdays. No white bread, no processed food, no sugars, no toast bread, which I honestly think is a great idea. It is more the physical thing of preparing the mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack that I hate.

So here is what was made at 5.45am this morning with the enthusiastic help of Edgar (who ends up eating half of what is supposed to be packed in each time).

Kornspitz (bread) with ham and cucumber, clementine, kiwi, bell pepper and a sour milk each for the Jausers of the family.

Visiting the kids new daycare in Sweden I was told that you are not allowed to bring any food in there even. No snacks, not even for when they are going on excursions. I must say I like the sound of that!

6 Responses

  1. Haha- har samma dilemma här..har dock levt i paradiset sedan jul..vi betalade 30Euro per barn/mån (morgon och em-jause) och dagis fixade..men, säg den lycka som varar..from 1/3 ska vi packa själva igen..jag betalar gärna för variationen de hade på dagis men några föräldrar vill fixa själva så majoriteten vann..

  2. Vem VILL packa Jause liksom???? Samma här. Oförståligt dilemma!

  3. Vilka fina lådor 🙂

  4. Tack Ylva, det är det enda kuliga med lådorna, att köpa nya då och då;)

  5. Dom där jauseboxarna ser väldigt praktiska ut, vart har du köpt dom?

    Mia- Så var det för oss också, personlen kom med förslaget att vi betalar 9 euro/mån mot att dom fixar fm jause men tre föräldrar sa nej och då blev det inget med det.

  6. Sigi Kids boxar som jag köpte på Hänsl U Gretl i Lieboch. De är superbra faktiskt.

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