Well Hello Blog!

It has been a while. Just as I though I had escaped Vincent’s sickies they hit be full force. It was not pretty, but thankfully it was over within 48 hours.

There is a lot going on (what else is new?) and I really need to be blogging about it. Like school decisions, the move, and life. But first this:

So the new Asics Gel DS Trainer 17 would arrive by mid January in Austria and also to my favorite running store Giga Sport in Graz. The store itself is OK, but the running section is great has one very great sales person who knows a lot and makes sure you are really taken care of.  Buying shoes he makes sure to take a look at your feet, how you run and analyze it via video clips and how you are putting your feet     down etc. Running shoes can be returned up to 6 weeks after purchase date, no matter if used or not, if you are not satisfied.

So I tried them on and they were great. A lot lighter than the Asics Kayano 17s I have to run in. Perfect for warmer weather…

However, the last three weeks I have been in geographic places with a so-called Siberian cold front. No shit. It is COLD. Especially for Graz. Before heading out for a 13k run this morning it was almost -9c.

Grey, humid, icy cold foggish Graz winter morning. A perfect excuse for NOT going running.
I still did.
Most of the time I hate it the first 2.5kms. Then I forget about it and get in a funk and just do my planned run. The satisfaction of completing a run in mid winter, ice-cold, snowy weather? Huge.

If it could just warm up a little so I could try these I would be very delighted…
(I mean I really could not pass up this opportunity to not be prepared for warm weather, right?)

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  1. I want one of those weather stations too..


  2. […] to be able to run again. I rearranged my training schedule and did a 15k run this morning in my new Asics DS Trainers. They feel so light in comparison to the Kayanos and I am planning to have them broken in […]

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