Vincent is doing great. He just wrapped up his dance class which he enjoyed a lot. He is still doing swim classes and has private classes twice a week. He can swim a few meters alone and he jumps off the little jumps in the water, pushes off from the bottom and swims back to the side and climbs up and jumps again.
He still has his 4 therapy sessions a week at KiGa and he is moving along there too. Speech is the main thing of course, but he is learning new words and he is more communicative to people. 

We have all our DVDs on an external computer drive as the kids were just scratching the DVDs up and it was a constant mess. The bad part is that I have to try to figure out what they want to watch (actually what Vince wants to watch all Edgar watches is a documentary with Willie about hospitals…). This morning Vince got really mad at me. He told me he wanted to watch a movie, and explained TREE, REPAIR MAN, WOLF, AXE, MONSTER and DANCE. I had no clue. I tried a few and he got more and more mad telling me the same things over and over again. As I turned on another movie there was a preview for the movie Vince wanted: Beauty and the Beast. Well of course, the dad is the inventor who uses a lot of tools. He gets lost in the woods while on his way to a inventors contest (or something) with his wood chopping machine which has an axe.  In the woods the wolves are coming. The father ends up with the monster/beast and in the end Belle and the beast are dancing. But to get to that point he was really furious for a good 10 minutes before I finally got what he was saying all along.  

Next week is a big week. Vince and I are flying to Sweden on Saturday. On Wednesday we have a meeting with Vince future school, principal, teacher, therapists and the responsible person from the city. I am nervous, anxious, freaking out and excited. We have chosen a regular school at this time. I think we are satisfied with the choice and I am starting to have a lot less panic attacks about the subject.

We will also meet with Vince new therapy team in Sweden next week and I am excited about what they have to say and what they propose for a therapy plan. More than a bit nervous about this actually…

Hopefully we will also be able to see the place where we will live, there are some kinks, but they should be solved by mid February.

Dance Class from a few weeks ago. The kids were doing a lot more when us parents were not in the room, we know cause we usually watched the sessions through the key hole in the door in order not to interrupt them.

Vince thought I was taking a picture instead of filming with my camera, hence the cheese stand still look.

4 Responses

  1. Love the “cheese” pose! Nice moves, Vince. 🙂 Good luck next week. Excited to hear what opportunities are in store for you guys!

  2. Love how he described Beauty and the Beast!! Great job, Vince! Good luck with the school, and the new place to live!

  3. cute videos!!

  4. Ska bli sååå spännande att höra om era upplevelser när veckan är över!

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