He is pretty funny 85% of the time, the other 15% he is a pure monster. Terrible twos are hitting us hard and he can do everything on his own. And God forbid that you try to help him along with something to speed things up. His newest thing is that he has to have two spoons when he eats his yoghurt. He goes to the drawer and grabs a handful and says two. If  you ask him how old he is, he is five (really two).
He is talking a lot. Like A LOT. Some of his words are a mix between Swedish and German, like nyssel (Schluessel und Nyckel meaning key). He mainly talks German but understand Swedish and English as well. He rarely answers in English except for a few words he always uses. It is rather interesting to have a kid who hardly speaks at all, and one who is really advanced in speech. Especially as all ‘experts’ on bilingualism and trilingualism tells you ta expect your kid to start speaking a lot later because the child has to learn many more words. Edgar usually talks in 5-6 word sentences and he picks up big words easily. Same with phrases (Like laying in bed and screaming OH MY GOD MOM COME at 5am in the morning, and when I enter his room he says Thank God Finally (Gott sei dank aentlich!). Vince is picking up a lot from him too. However, Edgar knows Vince is the big brother and hence the boss.

Eds eating with his two spoons and doing his best Vincent cheese imitation:

3 Responses

  1. Vad roligt du skriver. För att inte tala om Edgar, han är ju en komiker. Man skulle kunna göra en kul sketch om din morgon vandring. Tack gode Gud, äntligen! Det är bara gubbkepsen som saknas.

  2. He is just too cute! Love the TWO spoons!

  3. Two spoons?! Like a million, hahahaha!!! So cute!

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