Oh my god in heaven. I bought myself a kettlebell, complete with training DVD.
Do you know how they work? You kind of swing it back and forth and around and up and down and you get this fab, toning complete body workout. YouTube it and you can see for yourself.
The running I can do, fairly easy. Just close my mind and keep going. Listen to the music, spot someone or something on the trail and all of a sudden a km has passed. This thing? Exhausting. I went for the 8kg and now almost 40 min after the workout my arms are still complete jelly.
Countdown to half marathon 1 this year (March 25th, Graz), is now on. Instead of counting the long runs down, I will cross off a kettlebell workout with a relief two times a week. If I can stick to this, I am hoping to cut my last half marathon time with 10%. The key to that phrase being if I can stick to it…

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