Run Forrest, Run

Some time in later October I started having muscle pains in my thighs after running. Mainly on the back side of the thigh. I tried resting, both voluntarily and after surgery. I tried Voltaren gel and I tried anti-inflammatory pills. Nothing really helped. Finally, I made an appointment in late December with a private sports doctor. But before that appointment I went for a 15k run, just in case she would tell me that running was out of the question for a month or so.
Fortunately, that was not the case. But she did say that I need to do more back strengthening and stomach strengthening exercises. She also cracked my back and made foot imprints as apparently I need insoles for my running shoes. Some 70 euros later and with two new appointments, one for x-rays and one for a physical therapist, she sent me home. After the back cracking the leg felt a lot better and I did not feel anything during the Silvesterlauf.
The x-rays showed nothing special. The physical therapist looked at my back and had me do some strange back bending exercises before she confirmed that my legs are not the same length. The left leg is about 0.5cm shorter, causing me to run unevenly, or more correctly, to put the weight differently on different legs, hence the pain. She then pressed a point on my butt and I was about to knock her off her feet. The pain was BAD. Just what she had thought, a typical case of Piriformis Syndrome. She offered me a big, bad shot in my but that I politely declined. After that appointment, which was last Friday, my left leg is back to feeling heavy while running and the shooting pain from the butt and down in the leg while sitting. Not really comfortable. I stretch and stretch and stretch some more. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not so much. I have one more appointment with the back cracking lady and that should be good.

In the mean time, I am picking up my insoles for the running shoes next week. Hopefully that will help too.
I decided to do a half marathon in Graz on March 25th and this week I jump started into week to of this intermediate running schedule. Let’s hope the back cracking lady fixes me up good.

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  1. Piriformis gör ONT..jag har haft superproblem och höll på i 6 månader med hjälp av naprapat och kotknackare för att få iordning på det hela..jag var dock övertränad big time och idag är jag undertränad;-) Hoppas hon& du får rätt på det och löpningen endast blir njutning! Kram

  2. […] Eggenberg. The sports doc also recommended for me to get in the sauna as that might help me with my leg issue. So I paid for swimming and the spa, which is where the saunas […]

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