Crap it is almost end of March!

The first two out of three moving companies came today to assess how much we have to move. We also sat down and looked at the calendar to figure out the best dates to do the physical move.
Mr. B starts working on April 10th, and I will start as soon as the kids are schooled-in in their new daycare.
The goods will be on the road for about 2-3 days, which kind of puts us out of Austria by the end of March, which my friends, is right around the corner. Crap.
I mean, it will be a lot of things like fun and excitement, but there is a lot of things I love about Graz and especially the people here.

As Mr B is from here, we will of course always come back to visit his family on as regular of a basis as we can. That helps a lot to think it is not so permanent. Still. Saying good-bye sucks, and soon we will have to start our rounds of See You Later.

As for housing in Sweden. We just might have found something. I will know more on Monday. So fingers crossed pretty please?

2 Responses

  1. Crossed!

  2. Håller tummar & tår!

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