Happy New Year!

2012 will mean a lot of new things for us! Vince will start school in the fall and we are moving to Sweden! Exciting, scary, nervous, fun, and sad all at the same time.

I ended the year with the Grazer Silvesterlauf. Considering I had surgery four weeks ago on the day, I was very satisfied to finish the 10k race in 53.17. My goal was under 54 min, so I did that. The course was two 5k laps, and it is actually the river walk I usually run, well except for that they had made it loop through the main street in Graz, and had all cable cart traffic stopped, which I normally do not do on my training runs… But I felt good and strong and did the second lap faster than the first, which leaves me very satisfied.

Funny thing: I should not have been so surprised as it is pretty common in the races here in Austria, especially since we live in the wine country, to have wine at the water stations. There was also hot punch (w alcohol) given out before the race. It as a bit cold waiting around, about +1c (so lower 30s). Anyways, there was only one water station in the race that was at the end of the first 5k lap. I had read before hand that they would have water and Powerade, so I grabbed for the light red liquid cup that was handed to me. This was just before the end of the 5k race, and the big ORF (TV) camera was pretty much up in my face as I fastly jugged the liquid down, too late to realize it was a cup filled with a local specialty wine called Schilcher Wine a type of rose wine. Not what I had expected so I performed an enormous coughing attack straight into the TV camera. I am sure that was very sexy.  
 Side note: I got a pair of 2XU Compression running tights for my birthday that I am SO excited about trying out. Also got a pair of Asics non compression pants on sale for a fab 30 Euro that felt great!

4 Responses

  1. Äsch, du var säkert snygg även när du spydde. Om inte annat så har du i alla fall en vältränad kropp to die for. Avis. Puss.

  2. Om jag förstod rätt så slank den röda drycken ner efter drygt första varvet, och andra varvet gick fortare än det första, helt logiskt enligt mig 😉
    Bra jobbat!


  3. Danke dear Idha, och mkt smart sammanfattat Angela 🙂

  4. […] me home. After the back cracking the leg felt a lot better and I did not feel anything during the Silvesterlauf. The x-rays showed nothing special. The physical therapist looked at my back and had me do some […]

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