Come Again Please?

We are lucky enough not to have to organize (and pay) for the move to Sweden. That is huge as it is expensive moving across a continent. So the way that it is being handled is that three companies are giving quotes to the payee about the actual cost of our stuff. To do so, these three local international moving companies are sending a representative to our home and they will then estimate the cost. The movers are doing everything, taking down furniture, packing, emptying cabinets and un-hooking electronics etc. They are also setting everything up in our new, still hypothetical place (OMG I will get to the impossibility of trying to find housing in Sweden in another post, I swear), which is one of the reasons we are really trying to find a good place to live from the start.
Yesterday, one of the local moving companies called to set up an appointment and to get some basic information. Basic for movers I guess, not so basic to me.
The first question:
– do I think it is necessary to arrange a special lift from the balcony to get certain furniture out of the house?
I did tell them no, we can probably take a part the play house on the balcony. He asked if it was a plastic house, and sounded unsure of the non-necessity of a special lift…

It gets better, second question:
– are trucks allowed to park on our street or do they need a permit from the local police station? No clue whatsoever.

– How many cubic meters of stuff do we have?
At this point I had to interrupt the brief interview and asked if this is questions that people generally know the answer too? I mean, I felt kind of proud just knowing what a cubic meter is.
The man admitted to no, not really, and maybe it was just better he would come and see for himself.
Smart guy.

2 Responses

  1. Visst är det skönt att slippa fixa med flytten själv? Hade nog inte tyckt det var lika roligt att flytta om inte militären skött det åt oss varje gång. Börjar redan nu fasa över vår, förhoppningsvis, sista flytt om ett par år över Atlanten. Den får vi sköta själv eftersom den inte är inom USA. Suck…

  2. that is hilarious. cubic meters? yeah, no idea whatsoever.

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