Computer Less

A year ago almost exactly (Dec 29, 2010) I ordered a new fancy dancy little netbook for me. A pretty white, shark designed Samsung with a to me new child proof keyboard. I loved it and it worked great. Till a while ago when the shift button stopped working. Or it worked sporadically, annoying as hell. I finally got myself organized enough and made the necessary stuff to send it in to have it repaired. The sucky part is that it would take 4-6 weeks. Tough life, but I bit through the bullet and would have to handle the situation via the stationary computer and the i-pad.
I sent the computer in on Dec 20th.
Yesterday I got an email. They have refunded the whole amount of the computer back to my credit card as well as the cost of the extra memory I had bought on the same day.
No explanation as to why, but as the same type of computer is almost 100 euro cheaper now, I guess it is a good deal. BUT now I have to go through the pain of finding a new computer that I will like and that most importantly has the prettiest design.
And then Mr. B came with a pretty smart idea. I should probably buy it in Sweden because of warranty issues. He has a good point, now my last two computers died a warranty kind of death. Plus the fact that living in Sweden will require me to use all letters of the Swedish alphabet a bit more (there are three more letters in the Swedish alphabet than the English, one more than German). I have been skipping that for the last 15 years by having non-Swedish keyboards.
So now I have to wait till end of January, when Vince and I fly to Sweden, before I can get a new one. Embarrassingly enough this seems like a long time without my own computer…

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