Christmas Shopping with Vince

Vince and I took the bus to the city today and did some Christmas shopping. I recently noticed how much easier things have gotten with him. He rarely runs away, he walks (most often) holding my hand or stopping when prompted, and he has a lot less melt downs. Also, we were far from alone in the city today and he was being really good with waiting for his turn and he no longer gets so stirred up with being in big crowds. It was all very what-do-you-call-it? Normal?

Thumbs up and Cheese for waiting for the bus

Thumbs up for riding the bus

A bakery cart

Playing with the trillions of different Schleich animals

Finally getting a turn, after waiting patiently at the cool race track. Stitches will come out on Monday by the way….

20 min later we are still at the race track. He did awesome driving the cars! (When will I stop thinking he cannot do certain things just to constantly proven wrong by Vince?)

Subway lunch

2 Responses

  1. Övning ger färdighet! Vi har också tragglat med att “gå på stan” och vår sin har gjort stora framsteg senaste halvåret. Klarar inte fullt så röriga miljöer än som Vince verkar göra men vi ligger 1 år efter.

  2. Visst är det lovely när man bara kan göra saker och det flyter på? Känner igen den känslan… *härligt*

    Gillar tummen-upp-picsen!

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