And Then Came Saturday

Thank God it is Friday that needs to be perfect family day. Saturday was a different story. Edgar woke up around 5 am and declared that he was NOT tired. I decided to go upstairs with him and let the others sleep a bit longer. You see, when Edgar declares he is done with sleeping he does so loudly. And most often with a high pitch cry added to that.
So up we went and watched you tube videos about how to cut trees with a chain saw. And then how to cut trees with a chain saw after a storm. And what to wear while working a chain saw. Edgar had requested raisins that he was happily eating along with his video, reciting every word the timber man said. Chain saws are big in his world right now.
All of a sudden Edgar tells me there is a raisin in his nose. And for sure, he put one up there. High up there in his little nose. There was no way I could get it out and he would not even let me have a look at it. Somehow he sneezed/coughed a few minutes later and it came out on its own.

A few hours later, Vince was playing soccer insider. Barefoot on the hardwood floor. Boink and he somehow tripped on his own feet and chin first down on the floor. I sat right next to him and I could tell he was hurting. I first though he bit his lip, but nope, it was a deep cut under his chin. Thankfully not bleeding much (I am a fainter when it comes to blood), but definitely deep enough for an ER visit and to get it glued.

Thankfully there was no one else at the ER and this time the doc did not recognize us… My kids have been glued a few times before and has had a few falls…
Vince was not especially happy to be glued but somewhat cooperated. Less than an hour later we were on our way back.

We spent I believe an hour and a half back in somewhat peace before Vince decided to pull the band aid off his chin and with that came the glue. Wide open cut again. Only one thing to do, once again, get the insurance card and head to the ER again.
By this time we were greeted on first name basis. It was still the same doc’s shift. He looked at it and said, yes it needs to be re-glued. This time Vince cooperated really well and when the nurse cleaned it up they decided to put two stitches in instead. This way he can rip of the band aid (which he will, I can guarantee), and it will not matter. Brave Vince handled the situation perfect. Two stitches without any pain relief, and he laid there holding my hand asking for pizza.

It will for sure leave a scar but no biggie it is under the chin anyways.

My cuts are healing relatively well. At least two out of three, not so bad stats, right? Vince and I are at a tie for stitches now. Let’s hope it stays this way. I need Sunday to be uneventful, calm, recharging and energizing. Yeah right, who am I kidding…

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  1. Oh, yikes – makes my stomach churn just thinking about that!!! Glad he’s okay, though. Tell Edgar that while we enjoy documentaries, chain saws are *not* on our tv playlist, so we won’t be joining him anytime soon. LOL

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