I spent the day doing nothing. I am not very good at that and around noon I was already bored. I tried to sleep, but that was uncomfortable as the cuts are pulling and itching. I went for a short walk and wished I could go for a run in the perfect sunshine. I walked home again and got the mail, which was filled of nothings.
The kids are with the baby sitter at the playground and I am doing nothing.
This healing the holes in the stomach thing is going to drive me nuts. I am only on day 1 at home…

2 Responses

  1. You so deserve this break. I know that boredom sucks, but still. Take it easy, k?

  2. Korsord, sudoku, sticka halsdukar, fixa de där fotoalbumen du inte gjort än, sortera alla böcker och cd’s i bokstavsordning. Oh! Ställ kryddorna i bokstavsordning också. Inte?? 😉
    Lägg dig på soffan med en bra bok istället.

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