Home, Sweet Home

On Thursday night I went to bed feeling just fine. I woke up sometime around midnight when Mr B came home from some show he had gone to with some colleagues. At 4 am I woke up again having a strange pain in my lower stomach, similar to when the real labor sets in before you give birth. I mean, I know I was (am) not pregnant, and the pain kept increasing so much I was giving out loud grunts waking Mr B. He immediately suggested calling an ambulance. Me, stubborn and Swedish (i.e ambulance is for nothing but close to death experiences) said no way. Five minutes later I gave in and he called the ambulance. By now the kids had woken up to and Vince was as happy as could be when three emergency people walked into the apartment carrying a special chair for me to sit in. Edgar on the other hand was not as excited and got really scared. Vince also recently learned how to work the camera and in all the tumult that was going on, he kept going up to me asking me to say CHEESE and to hold my thumb up as he took a picture. Thankfully the memory stick was not in the camera and the moments were not kept forever.

Shortly before 6 am I arrived to the emergency gyn room where they wanted me to walk and leave a urine sample. It was 2 steps to walk from where I was laying to the bathroom, still I could not do it without fainting so they had me staying put where I was for a quick gyn examination. The pain was surreal and the doctor was surprised at it and quickly decided to use an ultrasound instead. She found a cyst on one of my ovaries and I was sent upstairs to get a room and further testing.

I got a lot of pain medication but the pain did not go away. A lab tech came by and drew a lot of blood and then I was told to wait. As long as I did not move a mm I was fine, but just the slightest movement had the pain shoot through me again. At 11 a nurse came and asked if I wanted to go to the bathroom as a urine sample really was necessary. It was either that or they would puncture my bladder which is not exactly comfortable either. So I tried. I somehow, with the help of two nurses, managed to cross the room and sit down on the toilet. I asked them to turn the tap on, and the next thing I know was pain and a lot of people shouting at me, and I am back in bed.
How old am I, when am I born, what is my name. Blood pressure people, telephones and most of them wearing green. My blood pressure was down to 75/38, and they hooked me up on something as they started to undress me and prep for surgery. Right before being rolled into surgery the surgeon explained if it was bad he would have to take both ovaries out. I freaked and just kept crying.

Around 4 pm I woke up but still really tired. I asked the nurse in the wake up room what surgery I had, but I could not stay awake for the answer. Mr B and the kids came by for 10 minutes but I was really too tired to talk to them. They left and I went back to bed. I slept through the surgeons visit in the evening and through out the meals being served. I slept till 6 am the next morning.

Around 8.30 am I finally found out what surgery I had. The cyst that was located on my ovary, had caused the ovary to twist in an uncomfortable way. It was also pushing on the urinary bladder and it burst most likely at the time I was trying to do the urinary sample. Therefore, the pain. Both ovaries are left, they just had to scrape a little on one of them. The surgeon was really great and used my appendix surgery scar for one of the three holes, the belly button for the main cut (ca 4 cm long) and then made a small hole on the left side but rather low.

I feel pretty good now, and it was nice to come home. The scars seem to be healing up good and Edgar is happy that the doctor fixed me. Weirdly enough it is mainly my neck muscles hurting now. I was told it is because the fill the stomach with gas, kind of like a balloon during surgery to get more space, and the gas flows upwards and then is putting pressure on the lungs and neck? As for running, it will be a while….

8 Responses

  1. Men min stackars lilla kompis! Vad glad jag är att du gav dig och lät ambulansen hämta dig. Och stort tack till hjälten/hjältarna som fixade dig igen. Krya på dig!

  2. Darling, tur att du åkte in i tid. Och att de lagade dig. Kram på dig!

  3. Tänk vad fort det kan gå..och vilken tur att du lät dem komma och hämta dig..ibland är det inte bra att vara för envis och skönt att du var på rätt ställe och att op gått bra. Krya på dig, kram

  4. Oh my gosh, how scary! Glad you’re home & on the mend!!

  5. Oh, no! This was freaky just to read. I can only imagine what it was like for you to go through. I’m so, so glad that you got the help you needed and fast!

  6. take good care of yourself!! it’s worth it to learn to “do nothing”… until the holes are healed:-)

  7. Good to hear you are in good health again! And thrilling news about your upcoming move!! You must be excited!

    All the best from me and also from Franz,

  8. How amazing that they were able to treat you immediately! And that you got three holes instead of being cut wide open.

    What a relief to know that it was not cancer. Imagine if the pain had come and gone for weeks or months and you had the burden of worry.

    I wish you a fast recovery!

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