So Proud

Vince and I drove to Leoben and the Down syndrome Center there today. I made the appointment last December, and this was the first available time we got. They are busy to say the least. We have been going about every 12-18 months to do a developmental diagnostic (it is a picture link so you do not have to know German but can see a few things of what is done).
The difference to going here vs. going to the hospital’s developmental testing facility is that of course these people are experts on Down syndrome and the way kids with DS learn. The environment is also a lot nicer and I am happy not to get Vincent categorized into an age on every skill he has or has not. I like that the look at the kid and see what he can instead of taking some norm and saying this is what a five-year old should know and your kid is performing at so-and-so many months,which can lead to a lot of heart ache, sadness and unnecessary pressure.

So about my Vince! I am so proud of him! I was not part of the testing as kids almost always perform better without being interrupted by their parents).
He got excellent score on: Eye contact, imitation, body knowledge (knowing how many eyes, ears, nose, feet etc he and others has), eye-hand co-ordination, applying right amount of strength during different exercise (not pushing the pen to hard, when building w blocks etc), speech understanding, categorizing and inductive thinking, visual thinking (following a pattern), room orientation, following oral instructions (!).

He scored OK on pincer grip – he prefers to use his middle finger still, but knows how to use the index finger, we work on this, closing his eyes on prompt (apparently has something to do with learning to count ?), counting – he counted to three with his fingers in there but would not say a word, phonetic differentiation (following syllables, rhymes and sounding) and following more than two oral orders given at the same time.

Areas to work on are of course speech, no surprise there. He spent three and a half hours in there and did not say a single word or sound. When he saw me he ran up to me and counted to five (in German), told me about a tractor and a rabbit (which they just had played with) and asked for cheeseburger…. It was funny as they all heard it.

A new thing I was not aware of was that they could not say if he is right-handed or left-handed. Not that it matters which ever, but it is good that he picks one rather than both. He crossed over with both hands reaching for toys, he held on to building blocks (enforced them) with both sides as a helping hand and he apparently used both hands for coloring and writing too. So we got a check list of things to observe for a month and see what side he mainly uses.

He also kept mixing up red and blue when asked to bring a red or blue toy. That surprised me, you know fire truck and police car colors? He got all types of other colors like pink, purple, turquoise, gray and beige right, but not red and blue. But only when asked orally, when it comes to sorting them he got it all right.

AND somehow he knew how to READ five words. I have no clue how he knew that. Mom, dad, baby, Vincent and Fire truck. I am amazed. So we got a lot of tips to continue with the early reading. I have been wanting to do that forever, but you know, somehow regular life and the other million things I wanted to do got in the way. But from now on we will try to incorporate that into our day.

If you live in Austria and have a chance to go to Leoben, you really should. It is great. I got so many tips and tricks today and the written report will be mailed to me within a week. It is also so nice to be at a place where you are not risking having your support being withdrawn just because your kid performs well, which I always have a feeling of when being diagnosed by the city or hospital.

3 Responses

  1. Wow, that place sounds awesome! And a BIG congratulations to Vince for knowing those written words!! I love when we get surprised by the stuff Sammi does that we didn’t know she could do. It’s like our kids just store it up for just the right moment. 🙂

  2. Vilken duktig kille! Wow!
    Hajade till på att han rör i hop blå och röd, Linnea gör det också! Hon ser skillnad på dem men när hon ska namnge dem blir hon osäker.

  3. Heja Vince! Bästa killen, eva’ ju =)
    Hmm, vad är grejen med att blunda och räkna?!?

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