Running Update

Running has become a big part of my life. I just started back at running in the early spring basically to see if I could and it felt good. I ran longer and longer and more often. A friend introduced me to Hal Higdon’s training plans, and I got stuck in a running mode.
Then I decided to run the Graz Marathon but to do the half marathon distance. After just a few months of running 5-10km a few times a week I jumped on the Half Marathon Intermediate training guide by Hal. It was fun and I enjoyed doing longer and longer runs on a weekly basis. I also lost the last few baby pounds and some and that was a motivator in itself. On October 9th I ran the half marathon and finished it 1.56.32, and I was super happy. My goal was to do it in under 2 hours. After the race I took a week of before I slowly could run again. For some stupid reason I did not stretch at all after the race and my legs were more than sore.
The Garmin Forerunner is also adding a new type of fun factor to the runs.
The next race I am doing is the Grazer Silvesterlauf on New Year’s Eve. I am doing the 10k and I am following Hal’s intermediate 10k plan. And after that I will do the Graz Half Marathon in March.

I run at least five times a week, six if I am lucky to get a day in on a weekend. That is what is up with the running!

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