Bye Bye Crib

Unsurprisingly Mr B’s mountain climbing genes have been inherited by both kids. Edgar started really escaping from his crib last week. He would throw his cover and pillow down on the floor and then jump down. So with a little less than 25 months of age he is doing what his brother did at 24 months of age. Hence, a Saturday afternoon trip to IKEA. What we did not think of was that it was the first Saturday in the month after salaries have been paid out and one trillion other people were there. Bribed with a hot dog each the kids were almost pleasant.
The good thing is that Edgar loves his new bed. He asked to go to bed tonight. He also stayed in there all night and in the morning last night. Let’s pry to the sleep god this will last.

Edgar a sleep in his new bed
Vince on his second birthday in his new bed.

2 Responses

  1. Då var spjälängen tom, dax att fylla den igen? 🙂

  2. Snuttisen! Det kommer säkert gå fina fesken =)

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