Gross Motor Park

Ever since a friend told me about a park in the south of Styria I have been wanting to go. It is about 40 min car ride from here.  Today we had the overly energetic idea of riding bikes to the trainstation, board the train with our bikes and then go to Ehrenhaussen get off the train and then ride our bikes to the Gamlitz Gross Motor Park a few miles from the train station. The kids were in the bike trailer. It was sun and blue skies in Graz when we left, about three stations later the grey and the fog was everywhere. We still had a great day though and  if my kids do not sleep well after that, I do not know.

First of all, if you ever come to Styria, this is a must go to place. With or without kids. It is a gross motor park (apparently the largest in Europe), and it is located around a little lake. All around the lake are stations where you practice different gross motor skills. Climbing, jumping, swinging, balancing etc.
Secondly it is free. Does not cost anything!
Thirdly it is really big but so many different stations that it really does not matter if it is crowded.

With that said, warning for picture overload!

DSC03556 DSC03557  DSC03554
These were wooden boards supported by springs, some more wobbly than others. It looks like he misses the jump, but he did not.

DSC03561    DSC03565
This was similar to asurf board kind of and was moving side to side with every move. Vince loved it. On the second picture you can see (kind of) how great the angle actually was.

This climbing area was great, the poles are alphabetically named showing in what order to climb (if you want to).

DSC03571 DSC03570

A balancing beam, also set on springs to add more difficulty. It also had different little steps on it like wider/narrower, a part where longer steos were needed, some mini stairs etc.

Working on balance again, this one was hard, but Vince did great.

A giant swing with a ball game inside it. Zou are supposed to get the ball all the way in the middle


 DSC03589   DSC03585
Vince absolute favorite thing. Testing goal oriented gripping, balancing, arm strength, swinging, falling with style and a lot more other skills I am sure. The man in yellow flying around is Mr B.

DSC03599    DSC03600
Edgar also had a blast. Here he is climbing over large wooden blocks.

4 Responses

  1. Wow! I’ve never seen a place like that! Looks amazing!

  2. Wääääj! Ser ju kalashäftigt ut! Önskar vi hade ngt sånt här…

  3. Häftigt, dit måste vi åka

  4. Ser grymt kul ut! Båda våra töser hade älskat det.

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