31 for 21: Day 23

Back on October 3, I asked for questions about DS or whatever to answer and here are some of them:

Sophia asked: Did Vince have problems with digestion sometime?
No, no problems at all with feeding, eating, drinking and digestion. I remember back when Vincent was 13 months old and we spent a week on Mallorca, Spain. He would eat only the totally pureed baby food jars and I remember thinking he will never progress to bigger pieces. Whenever I tried the jars with only the slightest pieces he would refuse to eat. Then one day some weeks later he tried rice and liked it, from then on he just moved onto pasta, peas, potatoes and he was fine with it.

One of my favorite blogs is I do not know what to say written by Cate, she is funny, witty and I love how she usually views standard news from a not so common angle. Her blog was also one of the first blogs I started to follow in the DS blog community. Her question was: hmm, questions about DS. Oh, here’s one – at what age do they outgrow it?
Sometimes if you cross your fingers and walk three times backwards around your house the third copy of the 21st chromosome will disappear in your child. If it is not working, walk faster.*

*they can not outgrow it.

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  1. aha! so now I know the real reason you took up running. 🙂

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