31 for 21: Day 19 ST with Padovan Exercises

Today was Speech Therapy at our private ST. I really like her and so does Vince. She has studied Castillo-Morales theroies (the palate guru) together with Mr Castillo-Morales himself and she is simply fantastic. She is also using a lot of Beatriz Padovan’s exercises and though they look a bit uncomfortable at first Vince really enjoys them.
While googling Padovan I came up with this paper that looks like a great read, I have just skimmed through it: Neurofunctional Reorganisation according to Padovan and Psychomotor Performance Therapy in children with Down Syndrome

I also found this over here: About 30 years ago Beatriz developed her own method Neurofunctional Reorganization (NFR). This method is used by speech therapists and physiotherapists in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and North and South America. Her daughter Sonia Padovan M.D., a neurologist, continues to use her method.

The NFR method consists of two main elements:

  • neurological reorganization (by exercising)
  • reorganization of the vegetative reflexes and their functions (breathing, sucking, chewing and swallowing)

The method involves working techniques with:

  • The body: analysis of proper movements and reflexes starting from the most primitive, through all natural patterns motion i.e. turning around its own axis, creep, crawling, ending on the basis and wyprostnej those.
  • The hands: precise exercise movements of the hands and palm
  • The eyes: sight stimulation with a flash light using the patient’s hands for visual-manual coordination.
  • The mouth: breathing, sucking, chewing, biting and swallowing exercises.
  • Additional exercises-a series of practical corrective skills for bad oral habits, occlusive defects, dysphagia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and disorders in sensory perception.

So with that said, this is Vince this morning during his hands exercises:





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  1. didn’t find info about italian therapist… could you help me?

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