Good and Bad

I had a total health check up a while back. All blood values and minerals and whatsoever were great along with BMI, eyes, ears and skin etc. Almost everything at least. To spare you the details it was decided that I need to have a colonoscopy. Fun stuff. Not so. Especially not since it involves drinking a gallon of laxatives (no exaggeration) in one evening before. I was pushing the date as I wanted to run my half marathon before I did it, and somehow the time snuck upon me. Friday is my big day, Thursday will be happy hour with laxatives. Unfortunately Mr B has happy hour out on town the same night. Lets hope the kids go to bed easily that night…

2 Responses

  1. yay? nah, not fun at all. but it’s not that bad. the prep is worse than the actual procedure. (which I was knocked out for…don’t need to see that, thanks.)

    good luck!

  2. Thank God I will be knocked out too!

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