21 things about Vincent

1. Vincent has Down syndrome, that does not mean he IS Down syndrome. Vince is Vince.

2. Vince is learning Swedish, English, German and ASL. although he does not speak so much yet, I do not believe that is because of the languages. Call me crazy if you will, and sure he would know maybe a total of more different words having one language, but I do not believe that he is speaking so little because he has more languages. I still think he would have the same total number of words having one language. I believe that to be a physical trait that we are working on. Our ST is of the same opinion. He can say fire truck in all 4 languages, but to get him to say foot is impossible…

3. Vince loves talking on the phone. I talked to him everyday when I was away in Sweden the last few days.

4. Vince is a great big brother an takes good care of Edgar. At least as long as Edgar does not make any attempts on changing the hierarchy rules of the family.

5. Vince used to run away from me (i.e not stay around) when we walked somewhere all the time. I think that stopped around 6 months ago and he now stays around me pretty much.

6. He knows where he lives 🙂 The other day after swim class Vince swim coach was driving him home. He has never been to our place and I told him the street name. I also told him approx where it is as our street is actually not on the street the street is named after (confusing). They ended up parking at the grocery store and then walked the way to our house with Vince leading the way exactly home. Swim coach was very impressed to see that he actually knew exactly where he was going.

7. Vince swims for a private swim coach we found for a steal! He swims once or twice a week. He can swim a few meters on his own.

8. Vince has zero fear for water. Zero, zip, nada. He jumps, dives, swims, sinks and floats with a big smile on his face.

9. Vince goes to dance class once a week. The first time was a disaster, he sat in a corner and refused to do anything and was generally pissed that there was no song about a cow. The second time the teacher brought a song about a sheep and it was a successful compromise. He has been participating and following the instructions very well since then.

10. Vince was part of a EU math project for children with DS learning math. The project is called Yes We Can. We are hoping to continue that in the Spring.

11. Vince goes to a ‘normal’ Kindergarten. He is the only one with a known dx. He started when he was 16 months.

12. I believe in therapies. I do not believe they burn him out, I believe they challenge him and helps him reach new goals in a positive way.

13. Vince is starting to pay attention to letters and numbers. I like it. It is fun.

14. Over the last few months Vince concentration ability has exceeded everyone’s expectations. His team is now able to work with him on rather complex things for a long time. He will concentrate for over an hour when challenged in a fun way.

15. Vince hates haircuts. The other day he freaked out while watching a show on TV about cutting the sheep’s wool off… Not sure how to analyze this one….

16. Vince is my calm child. I never thought I would write that, but he has calmed down so much in the last year and a half.

17. Vince loves animals. Especially cows.

18. Vince is very open and likes people. Thankfully he has stopped blowing kisses to the people on the bus as we get off.

19. Vince started giving three good night kisses to people he love a few weeks ago. Once kiss on each cheek and one on the forehead. It is awesome. Not everyone is welcome to them though.

20. Vince best friend is Jona. They have a love-hate relationship that is really funny to watch. They do verbal fighting which usually ends with Vince telling Jona to be quiet. They are very entertaining.

21. Vince has excellent gross motor skills and can run, bike (one support wheel), jump, climb, swim, play soccer and many other things just at the same pace as his peers without DS.

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