31 for 21: Day 13

Yesterday was parent teachers night at day care. The parents had to make birthday presents for their kids (they get them when their birthday is celebrated in Kiga). Cool idea if it was not for the fact that I suck at all arts and crafts. Hopefully my 2-year-old and 5-year-old will not hold it against me. We were to paint wooden animals: 5 per kid, hence I had 10 little wooden creatures to paint.
It was also an information evening about upcoming events. This year the focus is on speech and I am so happy about that. Vince and Edgar are in a ‘typical’ KiGa, where Vince is the only one with a special need. So that the whole group and all of the staff is working on speech during this year is exciting. Even more exciting is that one of the other parents suggested that they take the kids to a field trip where they have adults with special needs working so that the kids learn to see that integration is not an exception that only exists in KiGa but also in the real world. I loved this idea. And that it came from an other parent and that I saw a lot of other parents nodding in agreement was a happy feeling. Some days people are just there to amaze you.

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