31 for 21: Day 9

Today was my half marathon. I finished in 1.56.32 and I am super satisfied with that. That was 1724 place all over, and 29th in my age group, and 199 out of 617 women. I am thrilled with that for my first long race!
I was hoping to make it in under 2 hours, but I have had a cold for the last two weeks and had to skip a few training runs. It was a bit cold at the start, but wrapped in a  very pretty yellow Adidas trash bag I kept warm along with the other runners.

I held a good pace and managed to keep the pace I wanted throughout the race. Starting with a km pace around 5.41 and at the last ended up making a 5.06 min/km. The whole run felt great, I never thought I hate myself and I am so stupid for thinking of doing this (that happened in my last 10k….). The race was also planned really good and there were 5 water/powerade/tea/bananas stations plus one extra Powerade station. That along with powergel gummies worked well for me. And I LOVED having my CEP running socks, especially after the race. There were also a lot of people cheering along the whole way that made it really enjoyable. Next up? The Graz New Year’s Run (1ok) and the Grazer half marathon in March!

Before the race with my favorite hooligans.

2 Responses

  1. ich liebe diese Socken!!

  2. You did fantastic! And you look so cute! Cracking up so hard at the photo editing.

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