31 for 21: Day 3

I am on my sixth blogging year.
According to WordPress, this post is post 1,041.
I have gotten 5,891 approved comments. Wow, thanks!

Now, if you would help me out with this blog challenge. Please take a short second to tell me who you are? How did you find my blog? And please please, leave me some questions about DS or not! And I will do my best to answer them!

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11 Responses

  1. I’m Lynette and I have an enhanced little girl =) I found your blog doing a search for 21;21 translocation. Where did you find information on this type of translocation?

  2. I found your blog through other blogs, cant remember which one. We have a daughter with DS as well. Emelie is nearly 3 years old and she doesn’t like it when i have to cut her hair too. 😉 She has a sibling already, he is a year old now.
    What else? Discover it on our Blog, where unfortunately don’t update as much as you do.

  3. Oh, I did forget about the question. Did you Vince have problems with digestion sometime?

  4. does edgar recognize is brother being different to other kids?
    if yes, how does he and you deal with that?

  5. Jag minns inte hur jag hittade din blogg…. genom facebook kanske när vi fick kontakt där? Ja du vet ju vem jag är så jag ska inte skriva så mycket mer. 🙂
    Tycker det är svårt att komma på någon fråga men jag kör på denna får vi se om du vill svara på den:
    Utöver ‘vanlig kunskap’ om det vi äter (nyttigt/onyttigt osv), påverkar kosten barn med DS på något annat sätt?

  6. I don’t even remember how I found you! I should try to go back and see.

    hmm, questions about DS. Oh, here’s one – at what age do they outgrow it? 🙂

  7. Well you get the distinction of being the first blog I ever found after Braska was born. Vince was the face that said “it’s going to be ok” to me, when I was finally able to look. My hubs was the first one to be able to surf for little faces. He was so impressed with Vince that he sent me a link. So you all have a great place in our story. 😀

    And I like Cate’s question. 😀

  8. Jag tror jag fann din blogg via FL i typ någon Österrike-tråd-vilket jag är mycket glad för:-) Jag måste säga att jag kommer inte på någon särskild fråga om DS då du skrivit om de flesta perspektiv, emotionellt, farhågor, praktiska problem, glädje, framsteg och upplysning i allmänhet om den xtra kromosomen. Jag har haft nytta av dina erfarenheter för min G kämpar med några av de “hinder” som Vince har och jag har funnit trygghet i dina inlägg då Vince är lite äldre ( även om G inte har en xtra). Hoppas Vince mår bättre idag efter er utflykt..vet hur jobbigt det är men sedan G fick Broncchovaccin har hans krupp försvunnit?!Kanske kunde vara något för er att kolla upp? Kram

  9. I’m Gordana. I’m from Croatia. I have a son with regular DS (6 years old now). I periodicaly google Down Sy and so I stumbled on this great blog. Your son remindes me very much on my own. I like your blog structure and the fact that it has a lot of pictures and videos. And although I find Austria very much more developed than Croatia, I still can see you are fighting some same fights as we do here. I find your blog and your life attitude very inspiring! please keep up the great job 🙂

  10. I found your blog within days of Vince’s birth. I can’t recall how, but I’ve never left you. Although I do not have a DS child, I have several friends who do, as well as we have adult friends with DS. Our community (Seattle, Washington State, USA) is very inclusive of people with DS. They work in stores, usher at plays and concerts, help care for children, etc. They are out there, a visible part of our community, not hidden away. Many of the younger people with DS are entering adulthood with the benefit of attending integrated school, and having had therapy services since infancy. They are proving to the world that almost anything is possible for someone with DS, if they just get the proper support and are given opportunities!

    Thanks for sharing your life and perspective with others. You are an inspiration.

  11. […] on October 3, I asked for questions about DS or whatever to answer and here are some of […]

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