31 for 21: Day 1

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So it begins, the fifth annual 31 for 21 challenge. The idea is to post at least one post a day throughout the month of October, as october is Down syndrome Awareness Month. As the previous years, and like stated in my previous post, far from all posts will be about DS, as believe it or not, it is actually a rather small part of our life.

Today was about DS though. We met a new family with a little cute boy who is sporting an extra chromosome. They also had an older daughter who was Edgar’s age. It was really nice, relaxing or as relaxing it is to have dinner with toddler families. And they did say their girl had a good time despite Edgar whacking her with a metal shovel…

Vince has had quite a lot of therapies from the age of  6 weeks. Early intervention, Speech, Ergo, Physio, Occupational and probably something else I am forgetting. I am very proud of Vince and how well he has developed. I do belive in therapy, and very much so. But I still think that the most important step in development is to always include him. Sure, we have had to change a few things since he was born, but we still go on vacation, we still do things that we would have done had he not had DS. We choose to do things that will fit his (and Edgar’s) needs, but never to not include him. And maybe most important, I believe in him. I am sure he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do. I just know he can do it!

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