Finger Chewing Part II

We get a CD with pictures every year from Kindergarten that they take there. It is a neat thing to see the kids interacting and get a glimpse into their little festivities etc. I got my act together the other day and finally organized the 2009/2010 CD into a picture book. It was then I noticed how often Vincent really chews his fingers. In almost every picture he has his hand in the mouth. Like I said in this post I am at a loss of what to do. He does remove his hand when I tell him, and I think it is more of a subconscious thing (while watching TV, driving in the car, waiting, listening to someone read a book etc) for him. I tried the nail polish which made it marginally better but not by much.

Yesterday at the private Speech Therapist we go to, I once again asked for advice. She saw his finger nail stubs and also how he puts his fingers in his mouth. A LOT. Her belief is that he has some need to chew on something, and even though it does show strength in his mouth muscles, it is really not the right muscles working. From a ST point of view. She gave me a whole bunch of chewing tubes that are now sporadically placed all over our house for Vince to chew on. I got some exercises to do with him and she recommended doing them when brushing his teeth, which may make it a bit easier to get it work into a routine. The silicon tubes do creat a kind of vacuum against his tongue when he bites into the bent tube, and he does like that. He chewed his tubes two times 2 minutes yesterday and it seemed to reduce his need to chew his fingers at least a little bit. So I am going to try to stick to this.

The gum advice I got sounded good too. I am just a  bit scared of my kids chewing gum and choking. So that will have to be left for if this does not work.

To be continued….

Chewing tubes. The bigger tubes are for chewing. The longer thinner one is to be used once daily for one minute as a straw while drinking water to further strengthen the ‘right’ ST muscles.

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  1. Lowa gör också det om hon får en chans men tar ut handen om jag säger till henne. Det har inte pågått så länge som med Vince, det började för några månader sen. Jag har frågat varför hon gör det men fick inget svar. Eller ja, hon sa väl bajskorv eller nåt, men inte nån riktig orsak… Jag tror inte heller Lowa tänker på att hon gör det, det blir väl en vana.

  2. […] first wrote about our problem back in August here, and then in September over here. The September link also has a picture of a chewing tube which we got from the ST to try to reduce […]

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