Back to the Usual

Vince came home on Sunday and he is doing just fine. He is back in Kindergarten, and enjoys it. He does not seem to hurt anywhere. Only thing is his breath that is lets call it less attractive. Google tells me it will be about 2 weeks for that to go away. He did not have that from his other two adenoids removals, but maybe the third time is a charm. As long as it goes away….

In some brave moment of my life, I made a dentist appointment for both kids for today. That is something I never do as these kids can wear you out in a waiting room. Amazingly enough they did excellent and the wildest thing that happened was that Edgar tried to climb on the designer shelves they had sporadically put here and there on the wall. Vince did great with the dentist and already started showing his mouth while walking back to the examination room. He continued to let the dentist look at all his teeth and sat through the whole examination calmly and quietly. Wow. Just wow. Edgar on the other hand, he would not even open his mouth. He refused to even let the doctor look at a single tooth. One out of two is not so bad though.

After the dentist we had a birthday party to attend! Complete with a construction site outside that we looked at for a good FORTY minutes. I was bored to tears…

Vince at the party at the big people table

Edgar hanging with the rest of the kids for dinner

2 Responses

  1. I’m so glad surgery went well!! He’s a trooper. 🙂 Btw, Samantha won’t let dentists look in her mouth, either, and that, coupled with her inability to learn how to spit, means that she can’t use flouride toothpaste and I just worry so much about her teeth!!

    40 minutes at the construction site?? Hope you had a smartphone to keep you occupied…

  2. Wenn ich wieder den Bagger im Garten habe sag ich´s dir, vielleicht kommt ihr kurz vorbei…
    Liebe Grüße aus OÖ

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