In Surgery

As soon as the doctor I never got to meet on Wednesday was scheduled to work at Thursday I called the hospital. We were able to meet and he actually apologized for his colleague and said it was embarrassing to him. We got an other tympanogram made which was not totally flat, but not a good ‘mountain’ either. In short surgery got moved til today, Friday. Normally the ENT is closed on weekends but he blamed his own team and we got set up for this morning.

Vince has been in surgery for almost three hours now. So far I do not know so much. A sedated hearing test was made during the first part, they removed one tube from his ear (the other had fallen out on its own), and there was very little wax and hardly no fluid in the ear which was great news. So for now he will be tube free. We are of course waiting to see what the hearing test shows.

What was not optimal was that once again it was necessary for his adenoids to be removed. This is the third time for that. They were rather large this time too. So off they go and with that hopefully a lot fewer colds this winter.

Surgery should last for another 20 minutes and then he should be in the wake up room. Because of the adenoids we are here at least untill Monday. That is awesome you know, Mr B flies to Japan this weekend…

6 Responses

  1. Hoppas det går bra, tänker på Er…..många kramar från blattar…

  2. åh, jag hade kommit på studs om jag hade bott i närheten av er! Du och jag hade kunnat ta powerwalks tillsammans i sjukhuskorridoren i våra löparskor, från och till kaffemaskinen. 😉
    stor kram till dig och prinsen, sir Julian hälsar också att han tycker att Vince är såå modig och COOL!

  3. I hope all go to bless.

  4. Hoping for a smooth stay and quick recovery!

  5. Vad bra att det´blev (dock ej i tid och med krocken med makens resa-Murphy). Skönt att det är över och hoppas han inte mår alltför dåligt!Kram

  6. Hope all goes well and he feels better quickly!

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