Prepping for Surgery – Not

Monday Vince had his blood work done to prep him for surgery tomorrow. At least one of his tubes had fallen out and it was time to take a look at them, possibly remove the adenoids if they had grown back [again] and possibly put new tubes in. Our appointment was at 10, and we came at 9.30 as I know from previous experience there is a lot of paper work to fill out. Right I was, and then we were seen by the first team. The doctor doing the surgery, who is new to us, as our old ENT has moved to a hospital a few hours away, wanted to meet us as well. He especially had expressed to the rest that as we were considered a complex case he wanted to meet with us. Magically enough he was in surgery at 1o, but promised to show up between two surgeries. His next one being at 12. At 12.30 I was more than a bit annoyed and all I could find out was that he was still in surgery. Fifteen minutes later I demanded that the nurses found out if it was the second surgery or the first. Turns out he went right into the next surgery without telling anyone upstairs. Awesome. They told me to wait till around 2pm when he SHOULD be out of surgery.
So by now, Vince and I have waited in a tiny waiting room from 9.30 (minus some 15 min that was actual prep), no food, no drinks and absolutely no fun…
So we left to get some lunch. We came back at 2 when the nice unknown doctor had handed over us to some other doctor. She took about a 1 minute look in Vince ear and concluded that his tube is about to fall out and that no surgery is necessary tomorrow. I was in shock. I  completely forgot everything I know about this area. I blanked. I can not believe I did not request for a tympanogram! Seriously, I have blogged about that at least five times how his curve is a perfect flat line!
So she blew off surgery, I left and in the car home I started re-thinking what just had happened. I called our ped, who was not very happy either. She is great, she was in a coffee house somewhere but told me to come by tomorrow morning. I called a friend to get new numbers for an other ENT, and I got home and posted on FB and got the answers I needed. Vince is now really starting to kick off in his speech ability. Muffled hearing (caused by fluids not draining) is NOT an option at this time!!! What was I thinking allowing her to un-schedule us??? I am so mad at myself.

So tomorrow morning, when I can reach someone at the hospital again I will let them know how not OK this is. Especially the part of having to poke Vince 4 times on Monday in order to get some blood. How he screamed and tried to fight his dad off him as he was holding him down by force just to be able to get the blood tests done. How we have delayed surgery three times this year just to get clearance due to a million and one colds, and how not Ok it is to keep anyone, especially not a five-year old waiting for that long without communicating it to us. I am furious.

Vince my little man was being incredible though. He was a champ and I am so proud of him. See for yourself:
At first waiting was OK

Then it seemed to drag on…

and on…


Smoothie break at 1 pm

and Coca Cola (mine)

and bagels too

Still, waiting so long for a non-educated so-called expert opinion. Not fine.

4 Responses

  1. Oh, how FRUSTRATING!!!!! I’m so sorry. Hope you can get the all-clear once again, and get things moving. In the meantime, thanks for the ADORABLE photos!! 🙂

  2. Men vad trött jag blir på folk! Och dom ska var experter…suck!

  3. He is so stinking cute.

    I know, ears blah blah bureaucracy yadda yadda, but I got distracted by that handsome little guy. He looks great in glasses!

  4. Hey Vince,

    I like you sitting on that wooden motor cycle…
    It looks really cool and I´m thinking about designing such a bike for my own – still in preparing 😉 kids!

    But take care – motorcycle driving can be dangerous!
    (I have to know, trust me…)

    Greetings from Steyr, yours Uncle Didy

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