Fish Glasses

That is what he calls them, not quite sure why, but that does not matter. It is the only pair he would even consider, well actually, he liked this pair a lot and wore them a lot. He even asked for them this morning. Vince does not wear glasses in my pics very often, that would be because my child only wears them in kindergarten. But there he wears them all the time. No issues what so ever. As soon as we pick him up, he pulls them off and forget it to try to wear them with us. No idea where he got his stubbornness from…
His eye sight has improved so we are fine with him wearing them there only.

From the front

From the side. He hates the little bent things some glasses have that pull around the ear. This time it is a different function with a little rubber thing you can move forward or backward to make the glasses sit tight on the nose.

Here you can almost see the sliding rubber part behind his ear

Picture of the frames from the Solobambino webpage. That was the only online picture I could find of them, the price was a lot better at our optician though!

3 Responses

  1. Vad fin han är i de!

  2. Vilken snygging!

  3. Vince is soooo cute! 🙂

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