Me, Me, Me

How about an update on myself?
I started running this year again. I have always enjoyed sports and I used to run in the past too. This year I kicked it up a notch and after having some online motivation from some cyber friends, I decided to sign up for the Graz Half Marathon. So I have. The race will be on October 9th, and feel free to come with huge banners, speakers and printed shirts to support me. I am training according to Hal Higdon’s intermediate training program. I have become OCD enough that I HAVE to have my runs. It is also extremely nice to cut out after a long day with the two hooligans (Edgar and Vince), get the iPod on and just run. I now run somewhere between 35-40kms per week.
I am also doing a 10k next weekend just for fun.

Mr B travels a lot and has for the last few months. I have been home therefore, but now that fall is coming I am preparing myself for getting a job. I think I want to go back to the financial field (I was a controller pre-store), but I am open for new areas too. If you are a SAHM, wow, just wow. That is so not my thing. I am deeply grateful for day care and the opportunity for me to work.

I would love to be able to get a job as a DS informer, working with med students, delivery personnel, OB gyns, nurses etc in their educational stage to inform them about how to honestly and informatively show mothers/parents what DS really means as opposed to using old stereotyping information. I am not sure where and how to find such a job, and at this point I am not ready to start a new project doing this. So for now I will continue doing it on an as needed basis here in Graz as I have for the last few years.

Today I am happy living in Austria, but that does not say I will be tomorrow. Mr B and I have change our minds a lot. Thereof the many location changes in our lives since we met. I did win the US green card lottery this year. Kind of funny, whenever I wanted to win, I never won, and then I played for fun this year and won. It really is such a thing as a Green card Lottery. Each year the US gives out, for no specific reason at all 50,000 Green Cards in a  lottery. (Think of that if you complain about immigration you do not know where people go their card, just sayin’). Anyways, I decided to decline the Green Card as you need to establish a permanent address in the US within 1 year, and that was really not our plan at this time.

I think that is what is up with me. Anything else you want to know?


2 Responses

  1. Good for you Christina! Being happy with ourselves makes us better mommies overall. We definitely need ME time 😉

  2. Love you pumpkin ❤

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