Nice People

There are a lot of them too. We had a lot of trouble finding a child friendly, nice optician, but now we have hit the jackpot with that.
Vince eye sight has changed for the better, he no longer crosses his eyes, so no more patching up one eye (which honestly we had been slacking with doing as he seemed to always rip the band aid off, regardless of color, pattern or stickers attached…). He also outgrew his glasses:
These are the ones we got in January (when he apparently already had started that finger chewing).

The optician, like last time, ordered a lot of frames we would consider and she called me today and said they had gotten them. If we do not like any we do not have to purchase any of them. I looked at them and three frames I liked, and I could take all three of them with me home. No deposit necessary, she just gave them to me in a bag and told me to tell Vince Hello.

This time we had an other lady helping us than the first time, but this one was just as nice. Believe me, customer service is not something that is generally valued very high in Austria. So this is a firm that is going above and beyond to help. Keep in mind also that Vince does not like trying glasses or being in that type of environment at all. So to us this is worth a million with the help we are getting.

There are a lot of things that really are not fun or pleasant with Down syndrome. For me, the hardest is blood testing every six month to check for gluten, thyroid and the big scary C (Leukemia, which I read is 20 times more likely to occur in children with DS than children without DS, however on the brighter side of that is that somehow children with DS have a higher percentage survival rate than children without DS when it comes to Leukemia).
Back to the point. Since Vincent was diagnosed with DS and I thought my world broke down in to a world of never-laugh-again and never-have -a-fun-moment-in-my- life-again, things have only gone up. The people you connect with, the re-evaluation of what really matters in life and how great some people really are to fight the fights for my family and others, that is an experience I am considering myself lucky to have!


5 Responses

  1. Love your last sentence. So true.

  2. I’m lucky too. To have you guys. ❤

  3. you do blood draws every 6 months? we are slacking. can’t remember the last time she had one.

  4. He is so darn handsome. Can’t hardly stand it! 🙂

    And we do blood every year, with this being the first actual year long period. Before age 4 we did 6 months, too, sometimes more frequently depending on what was happening. Thank goodness for the ONE person that we found at Children’s that we insist on having every time we need a draw. She’s an angel! Since she can get her in one stick, the 30 min drive is totally worth.

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