This heat is killing me. Today? Horrible. Hot, humid, cranky mom, cranky kids. Temps up to +41c…

We are all miserable. Our apartment is actually kind of cool as we live in a so-called passive housing (something with good isolation and energy-saving windows and air circulation yada yada yada), so at night-time we get down to ‘only’ +25c. Days are spent inside with all curtains closed and all doors and windows opened as little as possible.  Air conditioning at home is not common here, I don’t know anyone who has it. The city is pretty empty and people seem to flock to the all air-conditioned places (the malls and some public places has it Mr Bs office not).

On Tuesday we went to some friends who live about 1100m over ocean level and there was a breeze blowing, and the outside temp was only +24c at 10 pm.

Wednesday we spent at Bs parents who have a big stone house i.e. a bit cooler temps inside.

Vince and Edgar playing Survivor in a creek up by Bs parents

At least the creek was icy cold and cooled them down for a few hours

Fresh mountain water

They say colder weather is coming and the weekend only has +29 as highest…

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  1. Mina sympatier-är så impad över alla som skriker jippieh och badewetter..känner mig ganska ensam och gnällig men mår verkligen fysiskt dåligt av vä, snart är det över..Mysigt det ser ut med att bada i en litet vattendrag! Kram

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