Tuscany in Pictures

We have had the most awesome week in Tuscany. We decided to drive back yesterday as it was hard to find a hotel for a few nights for a reasonable price. Apparently this week is the biggest vacation week for Italians and per old customs you must spend Monday (some saints day) by the ocean. Hence our early departure. The kids were amazing, and the 10 hour drive was rather painfree.

With that said, warning for picture overload:
The house we had rented for the week

With our own pool in the garden

Thankfully separated with two sets of stairs, so the kids never escaped without our attention to go down to the pool.

The view of the Chianti Valley seen from the breakfast table

Fresh fruits and veggies from the market

And what is better than renting a house together with people who like to cook gourmet meals for both lunch and dinner every day? Fresh fish from the local markets, lots of cheeses, breads, salami, grilled Tuscany steaks, lots of veggies and tons of fruits. And of course pizza! Amazing people, and luckily one of them is the kids uncle:)

Vince stopping for a break during a walk to eat some fresh blackberries

A view over the hills and in the horizon Sienna

My dear Vince

The kids waving Good Night

Smartest Mr B brought the bike. One morning we biked down to the bakery and picked up fresh salami and cheese breads.

A morning trip to Sienna

Snack break in Ambra, Vince is a bit hmm interesting? with his choices of food. This time ice cream and salami sandwich.

Walking through Rapale

More of Rapale, a little village located approx 4 km from the house we rented

More of Tuscany’s landscape

and more Salami, cheese,and  bread lunch

7 Responses

  1. Ser underbart och fantastiskt ut!!Avundsjuk med stort A;-)
    Välkommen tillbaka till Ö och hoppas ni får en fin semestervecka hemma. Kram

  2. Wow, stunning photos. And your kids must have had a wonderful time! You’ve made us jealous…!

  3. Ohhhh, I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how jealous I am!!! I’ve always wanted to go there, and to stay in *exactly* such a house. LOVE these pics!! Looks like the boys had a wonderful time. 🙂

  4. Wow, looks amazing. So glad you had a wonderful time. Hearing the kids did well on the car ride makes me happy. We are taking a trip to Traverse City this weekend. 🙂 Can’t believe how big and handsome the boys are. Love the picture of V with the ice cream AND sandwich…that kids knows how to do vacation right!

  5. Ok, då tycker jag att vi redan nu bokar in en vecka där ihop nästa sommar. Och se till att kockarna hänger med också…

  6. I wanna go there tooooooo!!!

  7. Hi
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Vince is an amazing, cute and adoreble little guy. I was born with developmental delays and a rare life threatening disease. I love it when people sign my guestbook.

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