We are in paradise. We are renting a house together with one of Bs brothers and his family and some other friends. It is absolutely gorgeous with a huge garden overlooking the lovely Chianti Valley. A pool that wears the kids out and comfortable winds that makes the +30c heat seem very bearable. There are olive trees, lemon trees and tons of other fruits around the house too. I will dig through all our million bags to find my cable for my camera asap.

The trip here was better than I could have dreamed of. I flew alone with the kids from Sweden, connected in Berlin and then we flew on to Verona where Mr b picked us up. The kids were amazing on the flights. As usual I must say that the Swedes my passively be the most unhelpful population of the world. By that I mean the motto is ‘Let’s not help someone who looks like they need help (ie me handling two kids, a stroller, two bags including 2 computers in the carry on luggage at the security check point that all needed to get bomb swiped) as we do not want to be perceived as getting into something that is not our business…
But we survived a German gentleman (they are top ranked for politeness in my world) with a brace on his leg came to our rescue.

South of Bologna we got stuck in a tunnel due to a bad traffic accident a few km in front of us. A bit of a panicky feeling in the back seat as the emergency cars all had to pass by and there was no space between the cars. 45 minutes we rolled on.

Now I am sitting in the garden after an evening run, a glass of red Chianti by the computer and family right by my side. Life is good.

5 Responses

  1. Det låter som att du kommit till paradiset! Njut, njut och åter njut i mängder under semestern. Kram

  2. Härligt det låter!! Håller med om oss svenskar- så många gånger jag rest med 50 kg packning, bilbarnstol, barnvagna, x-tra säng, bagage+ en liten (eller två) etc..ingen hjälp..Jag har som motto varje gång jag reser och ser en mamma/pappa kämpa att genast gå dit och erbjuda hjälp attt plocka av saker på bandet, följa dem dit de ska etc.. Trist attityd!! Ha en fin semester i Italien-låter som du är på god väg! Kram

  3. that sounds amazing. have fun!

  4. What a great blog! I am an author and the proud father of a 38-year-old daughter with Down syndrome. I have written a novel in ebook form, A SPY AT HOME, which is available on Amazon. In this book I have a central character, Noah, who has Down. I invite you to read this ebook, and I would be very interested in your thoughts about the story. I can be reached directly at rinald47@gmail.com.
    Thank you for your blog and for sharing your child with Down syndrome.
    Joe Rinaldo

  5. Hahahha, känner så igen mig- jag skulle aldrig erbjuda min hjälp! *skäms på mig*
    Låter som ni har det härligt, NJUUUUT nu!

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