Worldly Visitors

The days go by faster and faster and we have a full schedule meeting up with friends. The last few days my friend Miriam, who I went to school with in Hawaii (Hawaii Pacific University) came by with her kids. She recently moved from California to England and is spending the summer in Sweden, and since we had not seen each other for over 4 years it was more than time for a get together!

Miriam and her daughter Melia

We did some sight-seeing and went to Fiskebäckskil

vince liam klättrar
Where Liam and Vince went rock climbing

And some obligatory laying on the docks looking for crabs and fish checking

ed o melia
Edgar and Melia going for a walk

And we saw the water on set in Trollhättan

And there were mooses

edgar bubbla
Edgar drinking bubbles

melia vince bubbla
Melia and Vince chasing bubbles


Photocreds to Mirran!

3 Responses

  1. Tackar så mycket för ett par trevliga dagar. Ses snart igen, hoppas jag. Behöver ju inte ta fyra år till nästa gång kanske…

  2. Uuuunderbara bilder! Gillar spec den där när ni ligger på bryggan och morfar har ett stadigt tag om Lillfisens byxor- haha!
    Love ❤

  3. What beautiful photos! And the moose … they remind me of my Grandmother and makes me want to go back to visit Norway again. 🙂 (I can by your blog by way of FB and the blogroll.)

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