Vince the Fish

In 2008:
In 2011:

Vince participated in a swim class at day care in June. It was for 5 days and 2.5 hours a day. He LOVED it. We had our baby sitter go with him to help him a little extra if needed. From what we saw, he could have gone alone, but the extra help was great for him as he was able to get more help and attention. He LOVED the class. I did not see him in the class, mainly because if I had gone, I knew he would have been faking something or another and milked me to the max. He just does better when his weak mom is not around. Everyone said he did awesome, including himself.
Yesterday we went to a so-called lake (don’t ask… they build them over here in lack of real lakes…). I am not complaining it was hot as craziness yesterday, well in the mid 30s, so to be able to cool down was nice. Still, let’s get back to the swim part instead of the lake part…
Vincent did absolutely amazing in the water. He did the correct arm movements and kept doing the right ‘frog’ legs too. He actually can swim one stroke on his own, and then he sinks. But he shoots of from the bottom, spits the water out of his mouth and laughs out loud. It was just great to see him.
A huge difference to last year is that he also stayed where he could touch the bottom, and did not continue out in the deep time after time. Neither did he just run out on the dock to jump in, but somewhat listen to me.

We found out a great way to continue swim classes for Vince too. A one on one coach who we can add as a therapy type of thing, and we would only pay the cost of the fee to the pool. So that is a given for this fall!

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