Today we are NOT having Surgery…

Vince was supposed to have new tubes put in today, and possibly yet another adenoids removal (if proven necessary). However, in typical Vince-style we had to reschedule due to a cold. Fine with me, we are going on vacation in less than two weeks anyways, and if he had to have adenoids removed again, that would mean a no-swim-policy for 14 days.

On another note, his eye sight has changed slightly and he needs new glasses. But most importantly he stopped crossing his eyes, which means no more taping one eye for an hour a day. This is great news. Especially since he has pretty much refused anyone to even get close with that darn eye band aid. Regardless of the amount of stickers, colors or design of said band aid.

All in all, one up and one down. I will take that for a good day!

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  1. Läs inlägget från idag! Puss

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