Seefesttage 2011 aka Remembering The BAR in Buckhead anno 1996

My rock star friend Anna (the blonde one) got us tickets to the VIP area for the Seefesttage at Schwarzl See this past Saturday. Since Bookie was back home after almost 3 weeks on the road in Japan and India, he stayed with the kids and the girl gang met up and went to the music festival. I believe my last concert was Paul McCartney in 2002 in Atlanta. So it has been a while. We had a blast!

Carro, Sandra, I and Anna

Charlee aka Vera and I, she was one of the opening acts

With Prezioso (Tell me Whyyyyy)

Carro and I have known each other since 1996 when we both were au pairs in Atlanta. Together with the rest of the Swedish gang we used to hang out regularly at the BAR in Buckhead back then. So to the point that we always got our music played, earned many free drinks and always had a blast and got a party started. Most often this started by playing Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex.
In 2003, I ran in to Carro in the main square in Graz. We had not had any contact since 1997, but since 2003, we hang out all the time.
So when we heard Rednex play on Saturday there was a total Deja Vu feeling. All though all their songs pretty much sound the same, we still had a blast. And their stage show was pretty funny too.
Carro and I with one of the singers from Rednex.

The closing act and man number was Anastacia. But seriously, even though I like most of her music her performance was extremely boring, so as the old moms we nowadays are, we left. Thanks again Anna for a fab Saturday!

4 Responses

  1. Aaaah, låter som en kanonkväll! Miss you.

  2. OMG. No more comments needed.

  3. I was at the McCartney concert in Atlanta in 2002! So were my husband and two daughters. McCartney is a family tradition with us. It was a fabulous show – the second time I’d seen him. Have now added 2 more times. No, wait – 3! 2 in Atlanta and once in Nashville. Glad you got to go to this festival and hope its not the last for so long a time!

  4. I swear C I think we have met… The BAR, Buckhead, seriously? I am certain we have met… surely at least bumped into each other…WOW!

    Photos look beyond cute and you guys are HOT mamas! Cute as can be! Now, hurry up and pick the US as the continent you want to live in – we have much to catch up on 🙂

    BIG hugs to you all and some extra special ones to V.

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