Edgar and I went to his pediatric this morning as it was time for his third FSME shot. Surprise, surprise Edgar the little wild child likes going to the doctor. He has been a few times with his three cuts (I know, I just blogged about two… the third one happened a few hours before my flight to London and required ambulance transportation too) and other bumps and bruises.
So a regular pediatric appointment is apparently nothing to him. Well in the room Edgar sat still and watch the pediatric prepare the shot and then she put it in his arm. He watched it without saying a thing, just fascinated by it going in his arm.
When she was done Edgar says:
-What did you say? I said.
-More, he repeated.
I asked him if he wanted one more shot?
He did this little thing he does for yes, which sounds more like AAAA (Ja in Swedish).
As he was up for another vaccine in a few weeks, and it really did not matter if we took that one today too, we decided to do so. Same thing happened and he watch the needle in his arm without saying a thing.

I guess being a little brother toughens you up.

3 Responses

  1. Okay, that is one seriously unusual little boy you’ve got there! Wow! Samantha loves going to the doctor, too, and has weathered the shots pretty well, but never in a million years would she ask for more!!

  2. Sötnos & hårding i ett paket. 🙂

  3. Um. Wow. That is seriously impressive!! In our house, being the younger makes you severely dramatic, for starters. But maybe that’s just girls. 🙂

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