The Horse Whisperer

My kids are firm believers in Carpe Diem, so we were up by 5.15 this morning. Do the math, at 9, we had been hanging around doing the same things as yesterday for almost four hours. So in spite of the rain, we ventured out to Lustbühel on the other side of the city. It was wet, really wet, so the kids were super happy. Super mom did not bring Edgar’s rain boots from day care either on Friday, so he was lectured to skip the puddles. Amazingly enough he was absolutely fine with that while his brother did everything but swim in them.

The city of Graz is just on the other side the hill.

Trying to befriend the chickens. About that hat… He recently found it, he used to wear it when he was about 1 year old, and since he found it again, he always wants to wear it…

Edgar trying to insist that I hold that little nasty snail he has got in his hand.

Waiting for the horses.

About the title: here is a short clip when Vince wanted to horse to come up to him. I never thought he would managed to convince the horse to do just that! He talks quite a lot in this clip too. He starts by saying PFERD (horse in German) and then repeats what I ask him to say in Swedish.

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  1. I love this clip. My husband and I often talk about the “magic” our son (4.5 years old, has Ds) has and how people can’t resist him. Looks like horses can’t even resist Vince! What a doll.

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