Field Trip

Vince is going on a field trip with Kindergarten tomorrow. They are going to ÖAMTC, which I am not really sure what it is. Some motor insurance thing, but they also most importantly fly helicopters. I think (may be wrong here) they are the ones who pick up injured people with the helicopter if someone falls down when climbing icy Alp tops (Hello Didi) and break their legs or fly people to the nearest hospital when there has been a traffic accident.

Anyways, so I told him tomorrow after we wake up and I make him a lunch box we go to KiGa and then they are going to see the helicopters. I told him at 6.30pm, and he ran and got his PJ, undressed and redressed (in PJ), got a book, got his tooth-brush and turned the lights off in his room. We read half a book and then he asked to go to sleep. I hope tomorrow is all he hopes for!

4 Responses

  1. You are definitly right with your definition of ÖMTC specially to the point with Didy :-)))
    It was nice to see you – next time a little bit longer 🙂 What do you think about a visit at “Buschenschank”?!?

    We hope Vince had a really nice day with the helicopters!
    CU 🙂 C&B

  2. hahaha! what a cool field trip.

  3. Så sött!

  4. Hahahahahhahaha, så härligt! ❤

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