Birthday Celebrations With Oma and Opa

If you are a follower of my blog, you know that Opa builds Vincent the most amazing birthday gifts every year. For his first birthday it was this:
The Viking Ship sandbox

For his Second Birthday it was this:
The swing set with a slide

For his third birthday it was this:
A train table complete with train station Vänersborg (my hometown) and station Graz (where we live).

For his fourth birthday he got money in his piggie bank.

And today it was time to celebrate his fifth birthday:
Calling to check that they really are coming

Then they came with a big trailer filled with stuff and started carrying it upstairs.

Vince helping putting it together

This thing looks like fun!

Hmmmm, what will this be?

Vince checking everything is in order

Making sure the windows open and close.

Putting up the last pieces, the roof. It is a play house where the porch opens up and there is a sandbox in there. The kids are THRILLED!

12 Responses

  1. Har han byggt den själv?! Herreminpåve så duktig han är!

  2. Det har han. Hela grejjen.

  3. wow. that is awesome.

  4. Men dra mig baklänges en sån händig karl!

  5. Jag vill också ha en sån Opa…

  6. Jisses, vilken hantverkare han är..så kul för er förstås;-)Där kommer kidsen ha många roliga timmar.

  7. Wir wünschen Vince auch Alles Gute zum Fünften.
    Tobi, Maria und Wuff

  8. Cheeezus! Amazed är jag!

  9. Amazing! I want one! (for myself 😉

  10. Oh, happy birthday to your big fella!! And what great craftmanship…….

  11. hello dear vince’s mom, happy birthday.
    I have a 18 days old Daughter with translocaton 21;21 my daughter has heart problem, she has VSD, ASD and PDA. I am really overwelmed and confuse. Docters said to us she would not be alive for long time. I wish u could help me to know more about 21;21 and let me know if ur beutiful son also has heart problem or not. thank you very much.

  12. What a great Opa to be able to build such wonderful birthday gifts – how fun! Happy 5th birthday to Vincent! Hard to believe how quickly the years are passing! I remember finding your blog when he was born!

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