100 Years Old

The main reason we went to Sweden this time was to celebrate my Grandmother who turned 100 years old on April 27th. She is still going as strong as ever. She is amazing and very energetic. She hears pretty bad, she takes a few naps a day, but except for that, you would never know she was 100!

Here she is on her actual birthday

She got a Telegram from King and Queen of Sweden. Apparently, they consider themselves on first name basis when the person they congratulate is 100. And it is not hand written as it is a Telegram. I put the yellow crowns on there to hide her address:)

A few days later there was a dinner at my uncle’s house where family, friends, some neighbors got together.

Vince and Elina are helping with the preparations of the grass.

Walking to the big dinner

My Uncle’s house and where my mom grew up

Grandma and 4 of her 6 great-grandchildren singing songs

Vince having his turn on the guitar

Edgar, as usual never far from my father

Here he found the kids four wheeler and he was mad that he did not get to drive it alone…

Grandma again being sung to

My grandmother with my mom and my uncle

4 Responses

  1. Wow, 100!! Happy Birthday!! What a beautiful, beautiful lady, and you’re right, I would never guess she was 100 by just looking at her.

    Sounds like a wonderful celebration!

  2. Congrats to your granny! And you are one hot mamma!!

    Enjoy Sweden…

  3. Jag blir alldeles rörd! Kram på dig, familjen och mormor : )

  4. Your sweet prince is 5 already??? Where does the time go!!! I so miss the days I had to blog and read blogs!!! Happy Belated birthday from Brady and I! LOVE your playhouse – sooooo fun!!!

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