Riding Bikes

In last post I said we biked, it was more like I biked and the kids were enjoying their mom sweating and working hard. Lately I have been taking them to day care in the bike carrier. It is a lot easier than I thought it would be, you really do not notice having a bike wagon that you are pulling at all. And the kids really like it:
Outside KiGa

Ready for take off

By the train reloading station you are guaranteed some heavy machinery = total happiness and awe from both boys

We had no plans for today so we took a bike trip down the river walk, here is the Kalvarien Berg

Schlossberg downtown Graz

With that said about biking, Vincent does know how to ride his bike. I can not remember from where, but riding a bike was something that I read somewhere would be impossible if you have DS. I read it right after Vince was born, and it made me sad. Then someone told me their kid was riding a bike (he had DS) and I started to realize that of course Vince can and will learn how to ride a real bike! We are not quite there yet, but we will be some day. That I know for sure!

We got him his bike for his 4th birthday. In the beginning he did not focus on it so much but this winter when we kept it inside, he started using it more and more (mainly as soon as Edgar just would touch it…). He can pedal and steer on his own, but he is not so fast yet. So taking him out on a biking outing is a bit much yet.
But here he is a few weeks ago during our chicken pox lock down:

He has also been working on a balance bike during his physio therapy in KiGa. Same shirt, different day. This was sometime before Christmas. We love his PT. As you can see he gets to bring a friend with him to his PT session, something both he and his friends like to come along for.

5 Responses

  1. Vad är det för cykelvagn ni har? Nöjda med den modellen?

    Vi tänkte köpa en så snart

  2. Tack! Han är duktig på att cykla!! Att man alltid oroar sig för alla steg som ska tas, jag ska bättra min inställning och tänka att det visst det kan funka! Svårt innan man vet dock…Men Vincent är ju riktigt bra!

  3. btw ska visa denna film som introduktionsfilm för Julian när han ska börja hihi Look this is how you do it

  4. What beautiful scenery! I love Vince’s riding the bike. hannah LOVES bikeriding but she isn’t quite strong enough to do it on her own – she tends to either have to pedal OR steer – not both together! Having said that we often get her pedalling down to the local shops and she cheerfully pedals the whole way…

  5. […] our bikes to the Gamlitz Gross Motor Park a few miles from the train station. The kids were in the bike trailer. It was sun and blue skies in Graz when we left, about three stations later the grey and the fog […]

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