Music Man

After Masarinmammam posted about Masarin being on his fourth guitar I realized it was time for Vincent to get a new guitar. He has played his first one into trash over the last year and a half. See proof here and here and here.
Don’t forget that Vince and I have been inside pretty much the whole weekend due to the chicken pox…

After having done all puzzles, read all books and played with all toys again today I was bored like crazy. Not to mention poor Vince who has more than had his fair share of mommy time this week. So we ventured out and bought a new guitar. Vince was SO happy. He played on the way out of the store and all the way home.

For some reason he will not allow me to watch him play, so I had to sneak around to get this clip. This is what he did most of the afternoon:

9 Responses

  1. Han är ju för underbar!

  2. Fantastisk talent! Herlig 😀

  3. Wow, his voice is soooo beautiful!!!
    It becomes really warm in our hearts by the time he is singing 😀
    Vince is really musical – and it´s nice to see how enthusiastic he plays the guitar!
    Hope to hear a live-concert soon 🙂
    Best regards to your family!
    Chri and Didy

  4. I must hear it again and again 🙂

  5. Vi måste låta Masarin och Vince träffas! Underbart framförande 🙂

  6. Behöver Vince och Masarin en sångerska till bandet har jag en kontakt 😉


  7. mei is des süß!!!! 😉 lg nicole

  8. Das ist das BESTE Musikvideo, was ich bis jetzt gesehen hab! So cool, so ne schöne Stimme und so talentiert.
    Wenn er ein Star wird, werd ich sagen – ich wusste das schon, als er noch ein Kindergartenkind war 😉

  9. This is HILAROUS!!

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