Super Mom #1

On Thursday i started getting sick and I could feel that I was getting strep throat. Day care called and said Vince had a rash all over his hands and could I please pick him up asap. Sure.
I got there and neither I nor his pediatric (hehe the one outside KiGa, that WE chose) could find any rash. Vince full of energy and thrilled to go home with me was getting bored with me within half an hour of being home. I tried to bribe him with movies while I was dozing off on the couch. He was playing in the kitchen and all of a sudden he said NO NO NO, which he usually says when he is hurting and is trying to be all tough guy about it. Turns out super mom on the couch did not see that he had turned the oven on and he burnt the top of his left hand. A long, ca 7 cm line of an immediate water filled bubble looking thing…
He was fine with that and did not mention the pain too much. We iced it as good as he let me, and he was being careful with his hand.
Saturday night he came down with a fever, and checking with Dr L on call we decided to head to check it out first thing Sunday morning.
Off we went this morning, Vince and I. To the hospital to check his hand.
His hand turned out not to be infected as we had feared, but was healing just fine. He showed no signs of pain when examined at the burn station by the burn injury doctor (scary place by the way).
However, a few stations later and an x-ray to confirm, turns out Vince has pneumonia. Yeah super mom here had NO clue. Came in for a wounded hand and left with a pneumonia… No gold star for me today.

10 Responses

  1. Kan inte alltid vara på har oxå missat en lunginflammation på L..känns lagom roligt.Hoppas ni snart är raska och krya.Kram

  2. Men mest fel hade väl ändå dagis? Puss till en supermom från en annan.

  3. Oh, poor little guy!! Wow, what a weekend. And why does this kind of stuff *always* happen on the weekend, when it’s harder to find a pediatrician, too?!? Hope he mends (everything) quickly!

  4. Äsch, lägg ägg i farfars skägg! Jag (som borde kunna) missade ju sonens mjölkallergi i MÅNADER och drack dessutom lite extra mjölk under tiden. Mina föräldrar (som också borde ha koll) lät mig ligga i 7 h med brutet ben.

  5. Man kan inte veta allt alltid!

  6. Hey, you did all the right things! Sure, you were surprised, but you were taking care of him by taking him to the doctors! I think you deserve a gold star!

  7. Du är supermom så det så. ❤

  8. Don’t get too upset with yourself… last year it took me a full month to realize my daughter had a bladder infection… we’re all giving our best, don’t we??!!??

  9. Pneumonia snuck up on us, too. Twice. Hug those boys for me! (And take it easy on yourself, Mama!)

  10. I’m so far behind on reading blogs — I’m so sorry to hear Vince had pneumonia!! AND hurt his hand 😦 Poor guy!

    I hope he’s back to himself now??

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