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I am pretty opinionated, to put it mildly. But I have my reasons for why I am doing what I am doing for Vince.
He needs help with some things, but most of all he is just a kid. A kid who needs to be a kid. It is OK that he does not know the alphabet yet, he will learn it. It is OK that he is not talking more yet, he will learn it. It is Ok that he is not doing many things yet, because I know one day he will do most things. And if he does not, that is also OK. In the mean time we will work on many things, but also just let him be a little kid most of the time. 

Then, we have the occasional situations like yesterday, when I have to go in to defense mood and stand up for him. That part I hate. Not the standing up part, but that it is so ridiculously hard to get the point across to certain people without having to get really upset. I especially hate the fact that I always have to argue with the so-called experts for why I choose a reason. I write I, but I really mean we as in B and I.
The thing with the team leader is really starting to get to me. Each time there is a disagreement in how to deal with a therapy/situation/occasion or whatever you want to call it, it comes to a long discussion because she wants to know why, why and once again why we are doing what we are doing.

Having lunch with a wise friend of mine today, she nailed it. The clash comes from the team leader wanting to lead Vincent’s therapies and therefore wanting to decide over this matter, and me being his mom and therefore having the ultimate say. We have different views on this and she simply will not accept my say as being the final say. It is both draining and exhausting and not what I need in my life right now. We have a team meeting in 2 weeks. Guess what topic I will bring up.

3 Responses

  1. keep doing what you’re doing! how can your role as a mother and the LAST SAY be in question? if her questions are supporting you to discover/rediscover what your choices are, then that’s a different matter.
    it does take energy, and you give so much to vince… hope it goes well in a couple weeks:-)

  2. Jag säger det igen; stå på dig (vilket du gör). Jag har en normalstörd unge men han ska nu vandra igenom den ena läkaren efter den andra då han inte pratar, inte räknar, inte vet vart Antarktis ligger, inte har sin mamma hemma etc. Jag blir tokig på dessa förståsigpåare..jag har fyra barn, alla unika individer och tids nog lossnar det även för Gustaf. Varför denna stress? Jag kommer få krupp i höst då maken gärna glider undan och tycker att det är inte värt striden..suck..kramis

  3. how frustrating!! you are awesome though and know whats best for vince! You and B just keep doing what you are doing!!!

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